Area Guides: Weaverville


Weaverville, NC Real Estate

If you are looking for the endless amount of charm and elegance that a small rustic setting offers, then look no further than the town of Weaverville, NC.

Situated in the scenic mountains of North Carolina, Weaverville is only a few miles north of Asheville. You’ll find many historical monuments and old historic buildings in this beautiful community.

Outdoor Adventures

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, access to the world-famous Blue Ridge Parkway is only a few minutes’ drive from town. The area also has an infinite amount of outdoor recreational opportunities, including skiing, golfing, fishing and mountain hiking.

Many people enjoy visiting and living in Weaverville, NC because of its quaint shops, antique stores, pottery makers and galleries. You’ll find some of the finest locally produced arts and crafts to satisfy your artistic side.

Business and Industry

Weaverville, NC is a small, thriving community located just several minutes from the downtown area of Asheville. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway and Tennessee border are close by as well. Dotted along the countryside you’ll notice a number of educational facilities and high-tech industries.

The world’s biggest manufacturer of DVDs and CDs is established here, and they are one of several thriving area businesses to call Weaverville home.

Rich In History and Tradition

Historical Weaverville attracts guests from all over because of its small traditional values and features. Cut deep into the valley, this scenic mountain town has a big heart. For many years, Weaverville, NC has always been well-known for its cool summer days, high mountain adventures, Civil War legends and general relaxation.

It is the perfect destination if you are considering an area that features mountain festivals, art openings, wine tastings and plentiful shopping in a laid-back atmosphere.

City-Owned Park

Lake Louise Park is Weaverville’s most famous and widely used recreation facility. Owned by the town of Weaverville, it was originally called Lake Juanita.

After extensive improvements and renovations, this wonderful park has become the ideal gathering place for residents and visitors of all ages. There are plenty of parking facilities, shelters, picnic tables, cooking grills, walking trails and playground equipment.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Dubbed as being one of America’s favorite touring destinations, the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway can be accessed just several minutes away from Weaverville’s town center.

Whether you decide to drive north or south, be prepared for a day of breathtaking views, interesting buildings and abundant wildlife. The Blue Ridge Parkway goes beyond just being a road; it is a gorgeous journey that features mountain traditions, agriculture, crafts, music and nature.

Plenty to See and Do

The town of Weaverville, NC is an ideal place to visit, live or work. This scenic community is surrounded by numerous world-class recreational opportunities that include rafting, golfing, winter skiing, fly fishing, kayaking, horse riding, camping, gem hunting and much more. Whether you are exploring quaint shops in the downtown region or hiking on the Appalachian Trail, there is something for everyone in Weaverville.